Teketek Haber


31 Ocak 2018 - 23:19


There is only one war in the world defended and won by the totalitarian people: Maraş War of Independence. Maltese defenses and defenses are tried to be likened to Maraş defenses, but Malta defenses are only defended against those surrounding the city. Maraş is a tough fight that results in the fighting, veteran or martyrdom of all the people entering the order. Until the national and spiritual values ​​are seen as harm, the people of the city did not make an appeal to the occupation by looking at the public artillery. In place of the Turkish flag in Kaledik, the French flag hung, in the streets of Uzunoluk, the disgust of the French soldiers reaching to the veil of the people and the dissatisfaction of the people in the streets reached the gall. The people have expressed their reaction by saying “Maras will not give you a smile without a grave.” With the first bullet of the Sütçü İmam, the war began and lasted until the 11th of February. On the eleventh of February, when all our hopes were over, the city did not have the power to defend itself, and the French broke into the feet of their horses, leaving the city in snow storms and extremely cold air. In this process it has been the spiritual leaders who persuaded the ahaliy fighting, motivated those who lost their hope during the war, and fighting warlike gangs with faith. Their covenant beliefs kept the gangs from being blue. Muslims gave their lives to leave Muslims without Muslims, but they did not give the blessed Muslim homeland Marash, who met Islam in the time of Hazrat Umar, to the enemy. Just like Turkey, which stood on July 15, 2016. Fifteen-July-July is the same mindset that tried to seize Marash in 1919, in cooperation with indigenous traitors, in cooperation with local traitors. Thus, in order to protect the country in fifteen July, the Marash gang, which stood in front of the regular French army with eighty-eight years ago in the presence of tanks, planes, regular army troops, is the same national mentality.

In this study Kahramanmaras explained the spiritual leaders who have fought the people, encouraged the people and managed the people’s troops as the spiritual power in the fight for liberation from enemy invasion in the liberation war. The names of all the spiritual leaders have been dealt with in order to explain the limits of this article.


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