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Mongol Invasion and The Region Of Maraş During Ilkhanids Era

Mongol Invasion and The Region Of Maraş During Ilkhanids Era
07 Şubat 2018 - 23:02


The Mongol Invasion which left far-reaching effects on world history had immense impact on all over the Anatolia as well. The destruction of Mongols was particularly visible in the southern part of the Anatolia and Maraş also suffered many grievances like other cities in the vicinity.  Maraş with a strategical location which is on a transition route turned out to be a significant point both during the invasion period and the Ilkhanids rule for the Mongols whose targets are either Anatolia or Mamluk territories.  The region as a transit route between Mongols and Mamluks for assaults and attacks against each other was also a buffer zone. When the chaos of Mongol Invasion arose, the insurgency of Ağaçeris inflicted huge sufferings over the people of Maraş.  Armenians invaded Maraş in 1258 with the support of Mongols and the vicinity of Maraş was a battleground.

This papers regards the region of Maraş during Mongol Opression within two periods, the Invasion and the Ilkhanids Hegemony. The Invasion period includes the arrival of Mongols to the region and the turmoil within Seljuk dynasty over the reign ans the effects of Maraş during this period. The activities of Baycu Noyan in the region, plunder, oppression and looting by Yasavur Noyan around Maraş are to be considered. Besides, the activities of Ali Bahadır who captured the area during the given period and the stance of Ağaçeris whose impact over the region was immensely felt are also regarded. The second part attempts to explain the actions of Ilkhanids in the region after the Mongol Invasion and their aid to Armenians about the hegemony in the region. The Ilkhanids-Mamluk rivalry which wreaked havoc in Maraş and its vicinity is also clarified. While the region was targeted frequently by Mamluk assaults, the policies of Araksun Noyan, the Mongol governor of the region, whose oppressive attitude was well-known, is to be considered as well. The Anatolian campaign of Baybars and the developments in the Elbistan field boosted the Mongol hegemony in the region and the attacks and rebellions of Halep Turkmens increased the destruction additionally.

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